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European Economic Policy (2016)

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This course encourages students to reflect on the economic theory which gives rise to a range of possible economic policy options for European Union countries. It studies the implementation of economic policies and their consequences from an international perspective. From 2015/2016, this course is a Jean Monnet Module and will introduce innovative teaching methods. Students will participate in the EUCitizensLab and analyse for themselves the effects of policy on EU citizens. They will convert their results into a EUPolicyVideo for uploading on YouTube.

Copyright 2014, por los autores de los cursos. Cite/attribute Resource. Clifton, J., Gutiérrez, M. F. (2016, December 23). European Economic Policy (2016). Retrieved August 23, 2017, from OCW Universidad de Cantabria Web site: http://ocw.unican.es/ciencias-sociales-y-juridicas/european-economic-policy. Esta obra se publica bajo una licencia Creative Commons 4.0. Creative Commons 4.0
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