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  • PE-F-001.  Examen febrero 2010 (Español)
  • PE-F-002.  Exam february 2010 (English)
  • PE-F-003.  Examen febrero 2011 (Español)
  • PE-F-004.  Examen february 2011 (English)



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Exam 1:   50 points [to prepare memo 2]

Exam 2:  50 points [to prepare memo 3]


Memo 1:               10 points [Flowsheet]

Memo 2:   20 points [Balances]

Memo 3:   30 points [Final Report. $]

Oral Presentation :  10 points


Homework (6):   30 points


TOTAL :  200 points














The individual work Homework/Tareas, the Group work Project MEMOS and the Exams would be returned to the students as learning mechanism. The general comments to the homework and Memos would be available to the students by OCW, Blackboard and by hand. The Project Oral presentation will be assessing by the course responsible in collaboration with a professional from the industry.   


Grading of Memos 

Grading MEMO 1: 100 points

A.  25 …  Impact - a subjective assessment of how well you wrote the memo. Have you examined alternatives? Is your memo easy to follow, well presented?

B.  12 …  Quality of your search: Extent - number and diversity of sources (patents, handbooks,     text, encyclopedias, chemical engineering journals (academic, trade), webpages, etc.

C.  10 …. Spelling, grammar, punctuation 

D.  4 …  Format - 1 point if you have adhered to the conventions of the AIChE J., else 0.

E.  4 …  Relevance - judged from your annotations


F.  20 …Reasonable & Accurate - Does your flowsheet make physical sense?

Some common mistakes:

Do heat exchangers resemble mixers?

Do you have pumps (instead of compressors on vapour streams?

Does the liquid feed to a reboiled stripper enter the bottom of the column?

Any missing equipment?

G.  10 …Neatly and clearly drawn

Equipment Lists – Appendix

H. 5 …  Calculation of gross profit

I.  5 …  Organization - arrange in some coherent fashion e.g., by section of the process, in order of decreasing importance, by flow of streams; etc. No equipment is missing in the list

J. 5 …….Nomenclature - your naming scheme makes sense, and you are consistent in applying it.


Grading MEMO 2: 100 points

A.  25 ….. Makes sense. No errors in pumps, heat exchangers, columns and compressors. Flowsheet symbols drawn correctly and used consistently. Mass and energy is conserved, etc.

B.  20 ….. Calculations for units and basic calculations.

C.  15 ….. Complete - All requested results are shown: T, P, Component flow, total flow, phase (liquid, vapour, or vapour fraction if two-phase).

D.  10 ….. Cover letter. Major results (overall conversion, energy consumption, etc.)

E. 10 ….. Assumptions, description procedure, data clearly organized.

F.  10 ….. Neat flowsheet, stream table: 6 = legible; 10 = beautiful.

G.  5 …… Spelling, grammar, punctuation.

H.  5 …… References - Sources of all physical properties are clearly identified. Follow the conventions of the AIChE J. (Annotations not required).


Grading MEMO 3: 100 points

A.  20 ….Makes sense. No major errors in flowsheet, equipment sizes, cost and economic evaluation.

B.  20 ….Quality of discussion.

C.  20 ….Calculations for units and basic calculations.

D.  15 ….Complete - All requested results are shown: flowsheet with heat loads, equipment parameters, major items for economic evaluation.

E.  10….Cover letter. Major results (NPV, investment, operating cost, overall conversion, energy consumption, etc.)

F.  5 …. Spelling, grammar, punctuation.

G.  5 …. References - Sources of all physical properties are clearly identified. Follow the conventions of the AIChE J. (Annotations not required).

H.  5 …. Neat presentation.


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