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Usted está aquí: Inicio Ingeniería y Arquitectura Sistemas de Tiempo Real (2012) Sobre el Profesor José Javier Gutiérrez

José Javier Gutiérrez

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J. Javier Gutiérrez is an Associate Professor in the Computers and Real-Time Group at the University of Cantabria, where he works in software engineering for real-time systems since 1990.

He received his B.S. and Ph.D. Degrees from the University of Cantabria (Spain) in 1989 and 1995 respectively. He has been involved in several research projects building real-time controllers for robots, evaluating Ada for real-time applications, developing middleware for real-time distributed systems, and proposing models, and analysis and optimization techniques for real-time systems useful in a variety of platforms. His main teaching activities are related to programming languages, operating systems, real-time systems, and distributed systems. 

Copyright 2014, por los autores de los cursos. Cite/attribute Resource. José Javier Gutiérrez. (2012, March 09). Retrieved July 23, 2017, from OCW Universidad de Cantabria Web site: http://ocw.unican.es/ensenanzas-tecnicas/sistemas-de-tiempo-real/sobre-el-profesor-1/jose-javier-gutierrez. Esta obra se publica bajo una licencia Creative Commons 4.0. Creative Commons 4.0