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Workshop on Projects (2015)

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This course introduces students to the tools and techniques of engineering design and creative problem-solving, as well as design issues and practices in civil engineering. The course includes several design cases, with an emphasis on linear public works (e.g., roads, roundabouts, etc). Project design explicitly concerns technical approaches with CAD/CAE/BIM software as well as consideration of the existing environment and technical English writing.

Copyright 2014, por los autores de los cursos. Cite/attribute Resource. González, C. O., Jáuregui, V. G., Val, C. M. d. (2015, September 23). Workshop on Projects (2015). Retrieved July 21, 2017, from OCW Universidad de Cantabria Web site: http://ocw.unican.es/ensenanzas-tecnicas/workshop-on-projects. Esta obra se publica bajo una licencia Creative Commons 4.0. Creative Commons 4.0
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