Teaching is becoming an increasingly complex activity that finds significant support today through collaboration. From the study between peers within the same physical space to all those new tools that are presented to us as facilitators for such collaboration.

In this course we want to present you with a very powerful tool, but at the same time simple, that seeks to facilitate the task of teaching collaboratively. H5P seeks to have all that useful information for you in one place and present it in a simple and creative way to the user who consults it, providing you with useful information about the roadmap it has followed.

H5P is an especially useful tool in Virtual Classrooms based on Moodle since its incorporation into it allows working in a familiar environment known by the teacher.

Conoce la herramienta H5P y su uso dentro de la plataforma Moodle como una forma fácil y eficaz de enriquecer tu contenido.