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    Vídeos en formato YUV 4:2:0


    Otros formatos de vídeo

    • HummBird  OR-F-012. HummBird (Frame: 352x240  ||  Size: 42,5 Mb).
    • HummBirdShuttered  OR-F-013. HummBirdShuttered (Frame: 352x240  ||  Size: 289 kb).











    • OR-F-069. Encoder y decoder del H.264/AVC para Windows y Linus. H.264 o MPEG-4 parte 10 es una norma que define un códec de vídeo de alta compresión.

    • OR-F-070. RIOT: Radical Image Optimization Tool. A free program designed to efficiently optimize images for the Web. Visualizador JPEG para Windows.

    • OR-F-071. Encoder y decoder FFMPEG. A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.


    Reproductores de YUV

    • OR-F-072. YUVviewer. Helps video codec researchers for viewing and analyzing YUV video sequences.

    • OR-F-073. JVT. Software tools.

    • OR-F-074. YUV Player. Lightweight player for raw YUV/UYVY files.

    • OR-F-075. YUV Player Deluxe. Is a full-featured tool for playback of uncompressed planar YUV video files.

    • OR-F-076. Avarex YUV Player. Free software to work with raw YUV data.

    • OR-F-077. Avarex YUV Player 0.9. Image and Video Compression Learning Tool VcDemo. Is an interactive image and video compression free-ware software package for Windows.


    Analizadores H.264

    • OR-F-078. CodecVisa. Is a powerful real-time analyzer for H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC/MVC, GOOGLE VP9/VP8, MPEG2 Video and YUV video codecs.

    • OR-F-079. CodecVisa 4.38. You can select one of the 3 versions to download: Windows, Linux or Max OS X.

    • OR-F-080. VcDemoImage and Video Compression Learning Tool VcDemo.

    • OR-F-081. VcDemo 5.03. Is an interactive image and video compression free-ware software package for Windows. 




        Web de interés    



    • OR-F-040. JBIG2. Codec for Bi-Level Images (July 1999).

    • OR-F-041. JPEG T81. JPEG Codec for Still Images. CCITT Recommendation (Sept. 1992).

    • OR-F-042. JPEG2000. Codec for Still Images pdf files (2000-2005).

    • OR-F-043. H.120. Codec for Videoconferencing. ITU-T Recommendation (March 1993).

    • OR-F-044. H.261. Video Codec for Audiovisual Services. ITU-T Recommendation (March 1993).

    • OR-F-045. MPEG-2 (ISO 13818-1). Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio (2000).

    • OR-F-046. H.263. Video Coding for Low Bit Rate communication. Draft ITU-T Recommendation (May 1996).

    • OR-F-047. H.264. Joint Video Specification. Draft ITU-T Recommendation (May 2003).

    • OR-F-048. Theora. Free Video Codec Specification. Xiph.org Foundation (May 2005).

    • OR-F-049. MPEG1. Draft ISO Recommendation.

    • OR-F-050. DICOM. Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Standard.

    • OR-F-051. HEVC/H.265. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC).


    Software H.264

    • OR-F-052. H.264/AVC JM Reference Software. H.264/AVC Software Coordination. Current software version: JM 19.0.

    • OR-F-053. Software básico H264 encoder. Freeware encode video to H.264 format.

    • OR-F-054. FastVDO: H.264 Software Decoder. Download Realtime High profile H.264 software decoder and H.264 video streams.


    Hardware H.264

    • OR-F-055. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC products and implementations. Página web de la «Wikipedia».

    • OR-F-056. Alma Technologies: Silicon IP Cores. 2015 Product Catalog.


    H.265 o HVEC

    • OR-F-057. x265 is a H.265/HEVC. Video encoder application library, designed to encode video or images into an H.265/HEVC encoded bitstream.


    Secuencias de vídeo en formato YUV 4:2:0

    • OR-F-058. Índice de JVT sequences. FTP de la Universidad de Hannover.

    • OR-F-059. YUV sequences. We provide video sequences of commonly used video test sequences in the 4:2:0 YUV format below. All video sequences are compressed in the 7-Zip format.

    • OR-F-060. YUV test sequences. All files are in the 4:2:0 format and are compressed with the 7-Zip format. To unpack then use the freeware 7-Zip or the commercial Winrar.

    • OR-F-061. Xiph.org Video Test Media. Derf's Test Media Collection. All video sequences are in the uncompressed YUV4MPEG format used by the mjpegtools project unless otherwise indicated.

    • OR-F-062. YUV Player, YUV Converter, YUV Analyzer and YUV Editor. You can download the example images of all the suppoted formats in version 2. All in QCIF format (176x144).


    Reproductores de YUV

    • OR-F-063. YUV Player Deluxe. YUV Player Deluxe is a full-featured tool for playback of uncompressed planar YUV video files.

    • OR-F-064. YUV Toolkit. Yuv Toolkit is an open source, cross platform RAW YUV player and analyzer.

    • OR-F-065. YUV Player. Lightweight YUV player which supports various YUV format.

    • OR-F-066. YUV File Player. YUV File Player is a free software application.

    • OR-F-067. Avarex YUV Player 0.9. Free software to work with raw YUV data.

    • OR-F-068. MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool. Is a program for objective video quality assessment. It provides functionality for both full-reference (two videos are examined) and single-reference (one video is analyzed) comparisons.