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    Chemical Process Design / Diseño de Procesos Químicos (2017)

    • Chemical Process Design / Diseño de Procesos Químicos (2017)


      Chemical Process Design / Diseño de Procesos Químicos (2017)


      Teaching Faculty

      Javier R. Viguri Fuente

      Eva Cifrian Bemposta

      Department of Chemistry and Process & Resource Engineering

      GER Research Group





      Chemical engineers are problem-solvers who have a science, engineering and business background. Do you want to find out how they create new processes?

      About the course

      • You will learn how to create, revamp and interpret chemical process designs with emphasis on synthesis strategies.

      • Participants in this course will have the opportunity to apply modern approaches in projects to design industrial processes.

      • In this course, you will integrate the material previously learned and the management skills acquired, using preliminary design methods that provide you with a real-life engineering design experience.

      • Through the use of Active Learning tactics based on “flipped classes”, team-work and a Project Based Learning approach, you will discover and apply design principles and tools for creating industry relevant processes. Continuous assessment of each methodology used will be applied.


      • This course is suitable for students who have completed the subjects of the Basic Module in the Chemical Engineering Degree. Basic knowledge of economy are not required but would be advisable.

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      Process Design, Process Synthesis, Material and Heat Balance, Sustainable Design, Product Design, Sizing & Costing and Economic Evaluation, Design and Scheduling of Batch Processes.

      Diseño de Procesos, Síntesis de Procesos, Balances de Materia y Energía, Diseño Sostenible, Diseño de Producto, Dimensionado & Costes y Evaluación Económica, Diseño y Planificación de Procesos Discontinuos.