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    • Operating Systems / Sistemas Operativos (2018)


      Operating Systems / Sistemas Operativos (2018)


      Teaching Faculty

      Pablo Prieto Torralbo

      Department of Computer Engineering and Electronics






      In this subject, the student will discover the activity of the Operating System, dividing it into three basic components: Resource Virtualization, Concurrency and Persistence. The student will learn the different policies and mechanisms used by operating systems, along with the hardware, and how it provides basic services through system calls. Additionally, the student will learn to operate in a Unix environment (GNU-Linux) both from the point of view of user and programmer, making use of the shell, as well as the C language and the necessary Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).



      Computers, Operating Systems, C Programming Language, Scheduling, Memory, Concurrency, File System, Unix, Linux, System Calls.