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    Advanced Linux System Administration (2018)

    • Advanced Linux System Administration (2018)


      Advanced Linux System Administration (2018)


      Teaching Faculty

      Pablo Abad Fidalgo

      José Ángel Herrero Velasco

      Department of Computer Engineering and Electronics






      The main objective of this course is to introduce the basic skills required for the administration of a Linux-based server. We will learn how to plan the installation and deployment of the Operating System (disk partitioning, basic configuration aspects, booting process), the main administration tasks for a local server (user, software and resource management, filesystem maintenance, task automatization through shell scripting, kernel tuning, etc.) and a few fundamentals about network administration (network interface configuration, subnetting, routing policies).



       Linux System Administration, Shell Scripting, Booting & Shutdown, Resource Management, Logging, User Management, Software Management, File System, Kernel, Networking.