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    Computer System Administration

    • Computer System Design and Administration (2018)


      Computer System Design and Administration (2018)


      Teaching Faculty

      Valentín Puente Varona
      José Ángel Herrero Velasco
      Pablo Abad Fidalgo

      Department of Computer Engineering and Electronics






      The main objective of this course is to acquire the required skills for performing tasks of a junior system administrator in computer environments like modern "Data Centers”. We will learn advanced procedures about the design and the administration of computer systems for data center environments. This will allow us, through the integration of the different components of the system, to implement advanced services that will be used in the management of computational resources, distributed storage and networking, in both the Intranet and the Internet. Also, we will place special emphasis on the main security mechanisms for these service. Additionally, we will take a look at some of the more relevant “open-source” tools in monitoring and remote configuration.



      Computer System Administration, Computer System Management, Computer System Design, Data Center, Intranet Design, Internet Services Administration, Linux, LDAP, Information Services, Mail Service, Domain Controller, Apache Web Service, Network File Systems, System Monitoring.