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      Unit I. Introduction to Computer System Administration

      • MC-F-002Topic 1. Basics concerning «Data Centers» and the system administrator.


      Unit II. Integration of global services in enterprise environments I: the Intranet

      • MC-F-003. Topic 2. Active directory secure service: LDAP (over SSL).

      • MC-F-004. Topic 3. Active directory integration mechanisms: PAM + NSS (SSSd).

      • MC-F-005. Topic 4. Network configuration service: ISC DHCP.

      • MC-F-006. Topic 5. Network naming translation service: ISC DNS.

      • MC-F-007. Topic 6. Network time sync service: ISC NTP.

      • MC-F-008. Topic 7. Network file system service: NFSv4.

      • MC-F-009. Topic 8. Multi-platform interoperability and resource sharing service: SAMBA.


      Unit III. Integration of global services in enterprise environments II: the Intranet

      • MC-F-010. Topic 9. Secure web service: HTTP Apache2 (over SSL).

      • MC-F-011. Topic 10. Secure WEB Content Management Service: Wordpress (CMS).

      • MC-F-012. Topic 11. Secure e-Mail service: SMTP Postfix, IMAP Dovecot (over SSL).


      Unit IV. Centralized monitoring & configuration tools

      • MC-F-013. Topic 12. Global configuration tool: Webmin.

      • MC-F-014. Topic 13. Global monitoring tools: Ganglia and Nagios 3.

      • MC-F-015. Topic 14. Linux tools.