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    International Business: a European Perspective (2019)

    • International Business: a European Perspective (2019)

      International Business: a European Perspective (2019)


      Judith Clifton

      Daniel Díaz Fuentes

      José Manuel Alonso

      Department of Economy

      This course combines one weekly lecture and seminar to ground students in the theories and practices of international Business from a European perspective.

      • It includes a study visit to a EU Multinational Corporation in the region, giving students get face-to-face contact with industry representatives.
      • We also invite Guest Speakers to talk about the challenges of international business in different EU and non-EU contexts.
      • Rather than following a US perspective, the course puts Europe at its centre, as a source and host of International Business (trade or investment).
      • Parts 1 to 3 provide the fundamental theoretical concepts and empirical knowledge that students need to acquire to successfully analyse International Business.
      • Part 4 applies this knowledge through an exploration of EU businesses in the world.
      • The seminars apply the concepts learnt in the theory using different methodologies, including critical reading, class-based discussion of texts and data and direct contact with the business community through a study trip.

      The course has been redesigned as part of the Jean Monnet Chair awarded to the UC: https://www.proyectojeanmonneteu.unican.es/.


      International Business, Europe, European Union, Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Services, Goods, Regulation.