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    Life Cycle Assessment (2020)

    • Life Cycle Assessment (2020)

      Life Cycle Assessment (2020)


      Teaching Faculty

      Jonathan Albo Sánchez

      Antonio Domínguez Ramos

      María Margallo Blanco

      Javier Pinedo Alonso

      Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department



      Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a well-known methodology applied to products, processes and services which considers its full life cycle: from the cradle (as natural resources) to the grave (as air emissions, liquid effluents and solid wastes).

      The course covers all aspects about how to perform an LCA study: definition of the goal and scope as well as the target audience, gathering data on resource consumption and emissions, burdens to the environment, checking the robustness and significance of results and conclusions, and reporting and reviewing to ensure transparency and quality.

      This LCA course includes LCA fundamentals as well as practical activities based on LCA projects. For project development, the students learn how to use openLCA, which is an open-source and free software for Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment.


      Sustainable Development; LCA concept; Life cycle thinking; Goal and Scope definition, Inventory; Impact Assessment; Interpretation.