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    European Economic Policy (2016)

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      Course Details



      Course Information

      • Course: European Economic Policy

      • Code: G1639

      • Department / Unit: Department of Economics

      • Degree / Master’s: Degree in Economics

      • Faculty: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales

      • ECTS credits: 6

      • Language of instruction: English

      • Instructor: Judith Catherine Clifton




          Course structure    


      Unit I. Introduction to EU economic policy

      • Introductory lecture. The Jean Monnet Module, purpose, objectives, expectations.

      • Topic 1. The origins, evolution and contemporary state of EU economic policy.

      • Topic 2. The makers of EU economic policy: the EU institutions and their roles.


      Unit II. The economic policy in the EU

      • Topic 3. EU economic policy since Lisbon.

      • Topic 4. Contemporary EU policy and economic governance: Who should govern where, why and how?


      Unit III. Spotlight on Core EU economic policy competences

      • Topic 5. Single market.

      • Topic 6. Competition.

      • Topic 7. Liberalization and deregulation.


      Unit IV. Evaluating EU economic policy

      • Topic 8. Traditional approaches to evaluating policy.

      • Topic 9. New approaches to evaluating policy: A citizen perspective.

      • Topic 10. Why insights on satisfact.