Editing modes: editing an object; shooters edition; node editing

Objects in Inkscape can be edited in three different ways. Although we have not yet seen all the types of objects, we can anticipate that to create a simple shape (such as a rectangle or a circle) simply select the corresponding tool on the left and, with it selected, click and, holding down the mouse, move over the page and finally release. In this way we will already have an object on which to test the different editing modes.

Editing an object



Once the object is created, we click on it with the black arrow. Around it appear arrows that allow you to enlarge it horizontally, vertically or in both directions at the same time. If "Ctrl" is clicked at the same time, the original ratio is retained.


If we make a new click it allows us to rotate it (moving from the corners) or to deform it (pulling the centers).


Shooter Edition


When we create an object but keep its tool selected, some handles appear that make modifications to the object. In the case of the rectangle, it allows us to round the vertices. In other figures it has different functionalities.


Node editing



It is the most complete form of editing, because we can modify each of the points that make up the object. To do this we must first convert the object to a path with the top menu Path> Object to path. Once done, we select the "Edit path nodes"  tool and click on each specific point. In these, nodes will appear with handles that allow both moving the point and redefining the curve or corner.

In the tool options, it is possible to convert corner points to curves and vice versa, remove or include nodes, etc.

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