Apply color in Inkscape

Color in Inkscape can be applied in several ways. Always remember that objects can have one color for the border and one for the fill.


Color palette (bottom bar)

It allows us to quickly access a good number of colors and gradients. If we have an object selected, we can apply fill color to it simply by clicking on a certain color. If we click uppercase, we will assign border color. To the left of everything we have a square with a red cross  that means: no color.

We can scroll to the right in the colors to obtain other shades and if we click on the arrow on the right at all, we can access other custom color palettes. If we want to return to normal, we must select "Inkscape Default".


Fill and border menu

This menu gives rise to a dialog palette where we can choose colors in RGB, HSL, Color wheel and CMYK. Your vex also allows you to choose the gradient, opacity and blur, as we will see later:



Last modified: Friday, 22 May 2020, 10:26 PM