Vectorize an image

We have previously seen that bitmap images are made up of pixels and vector images are mathematical instructions. Therefore, in principle, the first ones we could not edit through their nodes, since they are made up of a mesh of points, not objects.

However, a common function in vector editing programs is "vectorization," that is, converting a bitmap image to vectors.

We will do this by importing an image into our workspace and then choosing "Path> Vectorize Bitmap". When doing so, the following menu appears:


The fundamental difference is that we want to obtain an image of a single pass (a single vector object) or of several passes. In the first case we will obtain a simple image, poster type, which we can vary depending on where we put the separation between whites and blacks.

In the second case we will obtain a more complex image. If we point out, for example, "12 passes" and "colors", we will obtain a vectorized image with 12 colors, each of which is a vector object. Then we can ungroup the result and work each object separately.

This is the simple and useful explanation for most cases. If you want to know more about vectorization, you can see this entry.

Last modified: Friday, 22 May 2020, 11:46 PM