Cutouts and masks

Inkscape allows you to make both cutouts and skins. We will focus on the former, since they allow us to perform the basic functions of hiding one object through another, without the complexity of the masks. In any case, for those who want to know more, I refer to the following entry: Masks.

To make a cut we need two objects. The one located above acts as a trimmer for the one below, so that the latter can only be seen through it.

In the example, we have a blue rectangle and an orange star on it. When selecting "Object> Crop> Apply", the rectangle is only seen through the star.

But remember that the object below does not disappear, it is only hidden. By double-clicking quickly on the star we can access the object that is cut out and modify it.

Cutouts are very interesting because they allow us to make more complex designs, for example incorporating photographs and inserting them in a determined way. For example, here we have written the word "Digital", we have converted it into a path and then we have used it as a cut out of a photograph:

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