Where can I get vector graphics?

Although in this course we have fundamentally seen how to make vector graphics from scratch, that effort is not always necessary, but there are places where we can obtain vector graphics already made, thus avoiding a lot of work.

These graphics can be obtained in .svg formats (which is the one usually used in Inkscape), but they can also be .eps.

Here we list a series of examples of websites that offer vector graphics with the possibility of reuse and in the video we show you some examples and how these imported graphics can be worked on.


  • Cartothèque (maps in vector format that can be downloaded in EMF format for later editing in Inkscape).
  • Freepik (web page with many vector graphics. Many of them are free and with Copyleft licenses, but you have to pay close attention to the conditions of each one)
  • SVG Slih (website that offers a multitude of vectors with CC0 license)
  • Open Clipart (web with vector resources. If you click on the download button, they are downloaded directly into .svg. There is also an option to download in bitmap format).
  • Wikimedia Commons (it is the page that houses the multimedia contents of Wikipedia. It has many illustrations ordered by themes, types, origin, etc. When you select an image and click on "More details" it indicates the different download formats. If the image It is a diagram, illustration or diagram type, usually with a .svg version).

And in general, if you Google, put your search element, add "svg" and click "Images". Then, preferably, in the Google tools choose "Use rights> Labeled for reuse" and thus you make sure that it has a copyleft license. If you want to know more about how these images can be used (and know if they are royalty-free or not), I recommend you watch these three videos: 


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