Save and export

Our work in Inkscape we can save them (to continue working with them later and keep them with their editing properties) or export them.


If we "save as" the following menu appears (or similar depending on the version):


Normally, we will save our works as .svg (the Inkscape if we want to continue working in Inkscape or flat if we are going to change to another program). This .svg format can be viewed directly in a web browser.

Try saving one of your designs in .svg and open it with a browser. You will see that, as it is vector, you can increase the browser display and the drawing increases without losing quality.



On the other hand, if what we want is to export, we have an option to export as PNG. This is a bitmap image format that is recognized by browsers and editing programs.

We can export the entire page, the drawing (the objects that are part of the illustration even if they are off the page), the selection (the objects that are selected) or a custom export, indicating the coordinates. In the case of the selection option, you can export the objects separately, by clicking on the option "separately export the selected objects".

It is very important to indicate the number of pixels per inch (dpi) that we want to assign to the export. For images that will go only to the screen, 72 ppp is sufficient. If the image is going to print media, you need to assign 300 ppp. You only need to put it in one of the boxes, the other is automatically reconfigured to save the proportion.


Last modified: Saturday, 23 May 2020, 12:36 AM