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    International Business: a European Perspective (2019)

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      • LN-F-001. Topic 1. Europe in the Global Economy.

      • LN-F-002. Topic 2. Europe and Global Trade: Patterns, Theories, Policies and Strategies.

      • LN-F-003. Topic 3. Regional and Multilateral Trade: Integration or Disintegration?

      • LN-F-004. Topic 4. Foreign Exchange Markets.

      • LN-F-005. Topic 5. International and Regional Institutions and their rules: The European Union and the World Trade Organization.

      • LN-F-006. Topic 6. Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporations.

      • Topic 7. Study trip to Multinational Corporation.

      • LN-F-007. Topic 8. European Multinational Corporations in the Global Economy.

      • Topic 9. Guest lecture by representative of a leading EU Multinational.

      • LN-F-008. Topic 10. Creating Multinationals: The role of policy.

      • LN-F-009. Topic 11. The coming of age of the energy and water multinationals: How do public MNCs behave abroad?

      • LN-F-010. Topic 12. Emerging Country Multinational Corporations in Europe.