Lisa Scurfield is a 24 year-old married secretary who is waiting to go into hospital for an operation to remove a cancer in her breast. The Specialist told her she could go into hospital during April. She has never been into hospital before and therefore the doctor has to explain to her the whole procedure.


How do you think she feels? Choose suitable adjectives from the following list: 

Nervous excited
surprised scared
delighted anxious
tired bored
terrified sad
depressed lonely
worried distressed


Now try to form nouns from these adjectives. Underline the negative feelings and put them in order of severity. If you are able to, add some more to the list. 



“WILL” and “WON’T” (WILL NOT) are modal auxiliary verbs with different uses. They remain the same in all persons, singular and plural. 

PREDICTION: “You won’t be able to get out of bed after the operation”

INTENTION TO DO SOMETHING/WILLINGNESS: “I’ll put them in my bag now...”


A PROMISE: “I’ll visit you as much as possible”

“Will” is always followed by another verb in the infinitive form without “to”. In spoken English the short form ‘ll is used in all persons singular and plural. Will+ not= won’t.

According to this, create five sentences in which you predict what is going to happen to Lisa once she has been admitted to hospital  and five sentences in which her relatives promise her things they are going to do to make her stay in hospital more bearable. 



The Admission procedure varies from one hospital to another. Below you have some possible points indicating a logical sequence for an admission procedure. Try to put them in order. 

a) Introduce yourself and the other patients in the room in case the room is shared by more people. Introduce other staff is possible. 

b) Complete the admission form and the required charts.

c) Inform the doctor in charge of the patient’s arrival.

d) Welcome the patient in a friendly and calm manner and voice.

e) Tell the patient what is going to happen to him/her once he/she is admitted to hospital.

f) Show the patient where the bathroom and the Nurses’ Station are. 

g) Put on the bed the necessary signs (e.g. “fasting”)

h) Put the name-band on the patient

i) Show the patient his/her locker and teach him/her how to use the overhead light and the “call” bell or buzzer. 



Imagine you are being admitted to hospital due to a severe case of viral Hepatitis that needs to be treated in hospital.  On admission, you have to fill out the following admission form. Make sure you know the meaning of everything. If not, check it in the dictionary before proceeding. Your life may depend on it. 

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