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1. Answer the following questions in full form and paying special attention to the use of prepositions:

  • 1. Where can a mother go to visit her premature baby?
  • 2. Where do ambulances take victims of road accidents?
  • 3. Where can you go to donate blood?
  • 4. Where do doctors check your eyes?
  • 5. If a mother with a sick child comes to the hospital, where does she have to go?
  • 6. Where do you ring to order a patient’s medications?
  • 7. Where do patients usually go if they have a heart attack?
  • 8. Where do you take an urgent specimen of urine for microscopic examination?
  • 9. Where can a person find a dermatologist to look at his or her moles?
  • 10. Where do patients fill their paperwork when coming to the hospital?


Brief note on the use of prepositions:

We use different expressions depending on the situation:

      -We go to a ward or department

      -We work in a ward, but at the hospital

      -We take/send a patient to a department/theatre but he is in the ward, hospital or theatre.



2. Add the following wards or departments to the diagram below.

Medical Wards   The Post-natal Ward and Neonatal Unit      The Radiology Department

The Operating Theatres Central Sterilizing Department Intensive Care Unit




Now ask your partner a few questions about the location of the different departments and then do a role reversal. 

3. Where would you find the following in a hospital?
  • a) people moving between rooms and departments
  • b) drugs being dispensed
  • c) someone undergoing an operation
  • d) drugs being dispensed
  • e) women having babies



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