After watching the video entitled “The Life Bed” (  in which we can see how a new bed works at Pomerado Hospital, California, answer the following questions:


1. Where is the hospital we can see at the video located?

    a) Poway, California     b) Santa Barbara, California     c) Orange County, California     d) Portola, California


2. What kind of thing is attached to the mattress cover in this bed?

    a) scans     b) sensors     c) cells        d) radars


3. The Life Bed performs 3 key functions: it monitors heart rate, respiration rate and trend and

    a) bed exercise       b) bed movement     c) bed entrance     d) bed exit


4. Once the parameters have been set for the bed, if it falls out of them, who is alerted?

    a) nurses at the nurse station     b) nurses at the cafeteria     c) nurses on duty at the ER     d) admission officers at the admission


5. The device is extremely….

    a) easy to use     b) user friendly       c) user aiding      d) user unfriendly


6. The voice recognition system is used for patients with…

    a) asthma      b) Parkinson     c) Alzheimer       d) dementia


7. On most patients, the sensors range from...

    a) the shoulders to the feet     b) the shoulders to the knees      c) the shoulders to the ankles     d) the shoulders to the wrists


8. The nurse finds the machine very useful especially when she wants to check the patient’s…

    a) respirations      b) palpitations       c) pulsations     d) indications


9. Why did the patient find the device useful?

    a) because nurses come quicker to the room     b) because it is very comfortable      c) because of the few noises it emits     d) because it is a terrible device


10. Where can this kind of beds be found?

    a) in various places     b) in several facilities     c) everywhere       d) nowhere

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