Once a patient has finished his period in hospital, the time of discharge comes. After watching the video entitled “Hospital Discharge Process” (

) in which we can see how the discharge process in a hospital proceeds, answer the following questions:

1. The entire discharge process may take

  • a. a few minutes
  • b. a few hours
  • c. a few days
  • d. a few weeks


2. Who initiates the discharge process?

  • a. the Consultant
  • b. the Specialist Doctor
  • c. the Primary Doctor
  • d. the GP


3. Apart from the Primary Doctor , who else has to revise and sign discharge orders?

  • a. Specialists
  • b. Registered Nurses
  • c. Consulting Physicians
  • d. Consulting Physicists


4. Apart from you, who else should stay well informed about your rights and responsibilities upon discharge?

  • a. your advocate
  • b. your family
  • c. your friends
  • d. your relatives


5. Who will give answer to your questions?

  • a. your doctor
  • b. your registered nurse
  • c. everybody
  • d. your Primary Nurse
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