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    Chemical Process Design / Diseño de Procesos Químicos (2017)

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          Textbooks particularly recommended    


      • Biegler, L.; Grossmann, I. & Westerberg, A. (1997): «Systematic methods of chemical process design». Prentice Hall.

      • Cussler, E. & Moggridge, G. (2001): «Chemical product design». Cambridge. University Press.

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          Other textbooks with modern approaches to process design    


      • Erwin, D. (2002): «Industrial chemical process design». McGraw-Hill.

      • Sinnot, R. & Towler, G. (2009): «Chemical engineering design». 5th Ed. Coulson & Richardson´s Chemical Engineering Series. Elsevier.

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      • Turton, R.; Bailie, R.; Whiting, W. & Shaeiwitz, J. (2003): «Analysis, synthesis and design of chemical processes». Prentice Hall PTR.




          Economic aspects    


      • Peter, M.; Timmerhaus, K. & West, R. (2005): «Plant design and economics for chemical engineers». 5th Ed. McGraw-Hill.

      • Valle-Riestra, J. (1983): «Project evaluation in the chemical process industries». McGraw-Hill.




          Rules of thumbs    


      • Branan, C. (Ed.) (2005): «Rules of thumbs for chemical engineers». 4th Ed. Elsevier.

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      • Ulrich, G. & Vasudevan, P. (2004): «A guide to chemical engineering process design and economics». 2nd Ed. John Wiley & Sons.




          Product design    


      • Achenie, L.E.K.; Gani, R. & Venkatsubramanian, V. (2003): «Computer-aided molecular design: theory and practice». Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 12.

      • Cooper, R.G. (2002): «Winning at new products: accelerating the process from idea to finish». 3rd Ed. Perseus Publ. Cambridge, MA.

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      • Wei, J. (2007): «Product engineering - Molecular structure and property». Oxford University Press.




          CACHE process design case study series    

      CACHE Process Design Case Study Series


      • Vol 1. Separation system for recovery of ethylene and light products from a Naptha pyrolysis gas steam.

      • Vol 2. Design of an ammonia synthesis plant.

      • Vol 3. Design of an ethanol dehydrogenation plant.

      • Vol 4. Alternative fermentation processes for ethanol production and economic analysis.

      • Vol 5. Retrofit of a heat exchanger network and design of a multiproduct batch plant.

      • Vol 6. Chemical engineering optimization models with GAMS.

      • Vol 7. Design of an ethylbenzene production plant.

      • Vol 8. Nitrogen from air. (Versión on-line).

      • Vol 9. Conceptual design of second generation bioethanol production via gasification of lignocellulosic biomass.

      • Vol 10. Conceptual design of the supply chain and production facility of lignocellulosic bioethanol via hydrolysis.

      • Vol 11. Conceptual design of an aromatics plant from shale gas




          Textbooks in Spanish language    


      • Branan, C. (Ed.) (2000): «Soluciones prácticas para el ingeniero químico». 2ª Ed. McGraw-Hill.

      • Diaz, M. (2012): «Ingeniería de bioprocesos». Ediciones Paraninfo.

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      • Puigjaner, L.; Ollero, P.; De Prada, C. & Jimenez, L. (2006): «Estrategias de modelado, simulación y optimización de procesos químicos». Editorial Síntesis.

      • Ravagnani, M. & Caballero, J.A. (2012): «Redes de cambiadores de calor». Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante.

      • Roberts, R. (2010): «Serendipia: descubrimientos accidentales en la ciencia». Alianza Ed.

      • Sinnot, R. & Towler, G. (2012): «Diseño en ingeniería química». Editorial Reverte.




          Encyclopedias and handbooks on chemical engineering    


      • Kirk, R.E. & Othmer, D.F. (1961): «Enciclopedia de tecnología química». México. Unión Tipográfica Ed. Hispano-Americana.

      • Mcketta, J.J. (1976-2002): «Encyclopedia of chemical processing and design». New York. Basel Marcel Dekker, cop.

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          Chemical engineering design project. Case study approach    


      • Ray M. & Sneesby M. (1998): «Production of phtalic anhydride». 2nd Ed. Gordon Breach Science Publishers.

      • Ray M. & Johnston D. (1989): «The manufacture of nitric acid». Gordon Breach Science Publishers.

      • CACHE. Process Design case study series.




          Other Resources    


      • AIChE. American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

      • Reference documents (BREF). European IPPC Bureau (EIPPCB). European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

      • CACHE. Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering.

      • CEFIC. European Chemical Industry Council.

      • Chemical engineers salaries.

      • EFCE. European Federation of Chemical Engineering.

      • FEIQ. Federación Española de Ingenieros Químicos.

      • FEIQUE. Federación Empresarial de la Industria Química Española.

      • GlobalSpec. Products and services catalogue.

      • IChEME. Institution of Chemical Engineers.

      • SusChem, 2009. The European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry. Reaction & Process Design.

      • TEMA. The Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association, Inc.

      • WCEC. World Chemical Engineering Council.




          Further reading and references    


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