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    Renewable and Alternative Energies (2014)

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      Lecture Notes



      Topic 0. Introduction

      • MC-F-001. Introduction to renewable energies.


      Topic 1. Wind energy


      Topic 2. Solar energy

      • MC-F-006. Solar energy (I).

      • MC-F-007. Solar energy (II).

      • MC-F-008. Solar energy glossary.

      • MC-F-009. Solar thermal energy project.

      • MC-F-010. EnviroMission - Solar tower (Vídeo de Youtube)

      • MC-F-011. Infinia - Stirling solar generator (Vídeo de Youtube).


      Topic 3. Ocean energy

      • MC-F-013Ocean energy glossary.

      • MC-F-014. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) (Vídeo de Youtube).

      • MC-F-015. Tidal horizontal turbine (Vídeo de Youtube).

      • MC-F-016. Tidal vertical turbine (Vídeo de Youtube).

      • MC-F-017. Wave power (attenuator) (Vídeo de Youtube).

      • MC-F-018. Wave power (oscillating water column) (Vídeo de Youtube).


      Topic 4. Hydropower

      • MC-F-021. Virtual turbines (Vídeo de Youtube).


      Topic 5. Geothermal energy

      • MC-F-022. Geothermal energy.

      • MC-F-023. Geothermal energy glossary.

      • MC-F-024. Geothermal energy (1080p) (Vídeo de Youtube).


      Topic 6. Biomass and biofuels


      Topic 7. Hydrogen energy